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“We are delighted to recommend Dr. Merhavy’s work, we thank him for his and intelligence and diligence in keeping us on our toes. Our marketing approach used to be outdated for a very long time, and now it is bringing us into the 21st Century. We now have an organized plan and we are implementing it logically.”

Michael Burgett, P.E. – EDI – Electrical Design Incorporated



“Fractional CMO has been a fantastic company to work with in order to help grow our business. Their expertise in providing surveys for current and potential clients has given us the insight our company needs to give the best possible service. Our business relationship has even grown into us supporting Fractional CMO’s clients on web design, email marketing and SEO. If you ever need experienced marketing help, turn to Fractional CMO!”

Mike Toll, CEO – FireDrum



“We knew that we needed a marketing plan but we had no idea how or where to start. We engaged Duke Merhavy with Fractional CMO, and from the first moment we met, it was evident that he not only knew what he was doing from a marketing perspective, but that he would perform as if he were on our regular payroll.

Duke truly became one of our team members and has provided guidance and deliverables resulting in an outstanding new logo and a whole new website. Utilizing Fractional CMO allowed us to create professional marketing tools at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house marketing expert. We would recommend their services to any company in need of a whole new marketing program or just in need for a refresh.”

Meghan Uhl, President – Focal Point Security (dba of TMUHL)



“Not only I was impressed with how DEEP Duke was able to assess my company’s marketing needs, he was able to provide great feedback to a few of my customers, who all turned to be Fractional CMO’s direct customers as well! No doubt his years of experience are brought to the table in a simplified and affordable way!”

Beits Livneh, President – Legal Technology solutions



“Anyone can market, it’s doing it effectively that matters. Hiring Fractional CMO jumpstarted our marketing plan; taking us from “would-a, should-a, could-a” to getting it done!

Fractional CMO is the driving force behind our new logo, interactive website and increased sales. Duke and his staff of experts have helped us tackle the things we didn’t even know we didn’t know, and made them happen. Using Fractional CMO is like hiring a major marketing firm that treats you like their only client.”

Susan Wallace, President – Print & Imprint



“Working with Fractional-CMO has been both enjoyable and a success. Duke's ability to analyze our business needs and implement change has proven beneficial for our company. He takes time to understand the ins-and-outs of our business and is always thinking of ways to contribute in a positive way. We would recommend Fractional CMO to anyone who wants to improve their marketing efforts.”

Rudy Troisi, President and CEO – Reliable Background Screening



“Fractional CMO has been great to work with right from the start. Duke took an interest in our company and our future goals. We feel confident with Fractional CMO because Duke has not only encouraged us in our marketing endeavors and future goals for our company, but has also been honest and forthright about any changes that may need to take place on our part as well. Fractional CMO has stretched us outside of our normal regiment and helped us to see the endless possibilities of growth for our company.”

Michelle and Dalen Blumentritt Owners – Reliance Heating & Air Conditioning



“Working with Fractional CMO has been great! They are making sure all my external and internal messaging and communication are spot-on, and I am getting a regular stream of leads from the marketing efforts.”

Shauna Wekherlien, CPA, MTax, CTC (Certified Tax Coach), Owner – Tax Goddess Business Services, PC